Benefits of high-quality Vermiorganic compost

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What is Vermiorganic's high-quality compost?

High-quality Vermiorganic compost is a stabilized biological product, in which the aerobic process of degradation and reorganization of organic matter has been enhanced, so as to retain as much nutrients as possible, in which humus has been formed, avoiding any type of loss, through a rigorous daily monitoring control of the entire process.

Benefits of high-quality compost

The use of a high quality compost, together with the use of agronomic techniques aimed at improving the vitality and structure of the soil, such as the proper use of green manures, enables:

  • Crops increase their vigor and strength by interacting with a more resistant soil system, whose microbiota is favorable to them.
  • Obtaining better total returns.
  • Establishment of an agronomic management that avoids the use of any synthetic chemical product, that is, it greatly facilitates the obtaining of better quality products, reduces the dangers to the health of producers, consumers and the environment of conventional agricultural production.
  • It makes the transition to certified organic farming easier.

Functions of high-quality Vermiorganic compost

This compost is free of secondary metabolites typical of putrefaction (putrescine, cadaverine, etc.), which facilitate the proliferation of pathogenic organisms, typical of anaerobic environments. If compost smells bad, it is clearly in the rotting range.


In addition, it restores the microbial flora of the soil, restoring its balance, restoring the material cycles that take place in the edaphic environment, enhances the establishment of beneficial symbiotic relationships for cultivated plants, and is capable of suppressing the proliferation of soil pathogens.


Provides reserve humus capable of improving soil fertility in the medium and long term and improves soil structure, air circulation and water retention capacity, as a consequence of its intrinsic characteristics.

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