We are a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of products and services oriented to ecological agriculture, both in the modality of crops for production and urban gardens. We have advisory services for the creation of new crops, as well as regeneration of soils efficiently and with visible results from the first moment.



We make available to customers the various analytics of the products offered for the safety of their agricultural products.



About us

As part of our ongoing commitment to building a long-term relationship with you and your farm, we can show you solutions that can improve the sustainability of your farm, both economically and environmentally. To do this we provide specialized agricultural services that will help promote sustainable agriculture in your space.


If the soil is healthy, the plants we grow and eat are filled with the minerals and vitamins that our bodies need for good health. Every household or farm / livestock property can help the earth, allowing Mother Nature’s hardest-working animals, earthworms, to develop their role of turning organic waste into one of the most valuable fertilizers possible and reducing landfills.
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Where we are

We are in a strategic enclave, with optimal conditions for production, both weather and raw materials. It is a privileged enclave in the middle of nature, at the foot of the main Spanish and international communication routes, next to Vejer de la Frontera, in the province of Cadiz.

Our facilities


Top quality

Organic farming

Produce fertilizers for organic farming.

Social conscience

Make farmers aware of their important role in society as instruments to guarantee people's health.

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Research and Development

Develop Research Projects and Programs on the use of solid and liquid vermicompost in different crops.

Transformation model

Convert Vermiorganic into a model for the transformation of agricultural and livestock waste

Our Services

Professional advice on any type of crop.

Manufacture "on demand" of different fertilizers, both solid and liquid.

Teaching courses related to Vermiculture and organic agriculture.

Layouts and planimetry.

Measurement of plots.

Grouping and segregation of parcels.

Partition of farms.

Topographic surveys.

Demarcation and leveling.

Explanaciones and volumetry.


Cadastral procedures.

What our clients say

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