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Website The “” website uses cookies. To maintain this website, cookies are used that are installed on your device, own (necessary for the website) and third parties (analytics, profiling and advertising) to create a profile according to your browsing habits.
Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and her computer and do not collect personal data. The user can configure his browser to not allow the installation of cookies used by the “” website, without the rejection of them preventing the user from accessing the services, although, not allowing the installation of cookies, you can do lower the speed and quality of operation of the website.
Classification of cookies according to their duration:
“Temporary cookies” or “permanent cookies”: the former are eliminated when the browser is closed, while the latter remain on the computer.
Classification of cookies according to their purpose:
  • Technical cookies: these cookies would only store information about connection points, session, consent, etc. (technical cookie).
  • Analytical cookies: they generate statistics on the flow of visitors, browsing patterns, etc.

GDPRWP Type Temporality Ownership Domain Purpose

Used by WordPress & RGPD only to check and manage the permissions that users grant to the web in matters related to the Privacy Policy and Cookies. They do not track personal data
Cookies de Google Type Temporality Ownership Domain Purpose
Cookies loaded by Google services, such as reCaptcha and search services and content sharing on Google+, among others.
1P_JAR Tipo Temporality Ownership Domain Purpose
PHPSESSID Technique Temporary Own
This cookie is native to PHP and allows the web to save serialized state data. On this website it is used to establish user sessions by passing status data through a temporary cookie also known as a session cookie. The PHPSESSID cookie has no expiration set since it disappears when the web is closed.

How to disable / adjust cookies in the main browsers

They can be blocked or disabled with your browser’s configuration tools. The browser allows you to reject the installation of all cookies, or choose to reject only some of them.

We indicate the links to the tools of the main browsers, in which you can find out how to disable cookies.

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What happens if cookies are disabled If you reject cookies.

You will be able to continue using our website, but it is possible that some of the services and / or links stop working, and we will not be able to obtain very valuable information from you to offer you content according to your interests and so that you can access more easily and quickly to the information of your interest.