Coconut substrate for your plants and crops

fibra de coco vermiorganic

What is Vermiorganic Coconut Coir?

Our coconut fiber is manufactured following all the quality standards of the EU, coming from indoor crops in Asia, this fact causes that the treatments to eliminate the salinity of the product (washes with low salt water) are much shorter to achieve a quality product. In addition, in the production process, the dust resulting from the processing is sifted, avoiding root asphyxia in the crops.

Especially recommended as a substrate for all types of plants due to its salt content and slightly acidic pH. It improves the physical characteristics of the soil by itself and when mixing with other substrates, such as porosity and water retention, very important aspects for the proper development of plants.


This product is a mixing substrate with optimal and homogeneous granulometry. You can choose the most suitable for your crop. It is ideal for growing in all types of containers and in outdoor and indoor conditions.

It also has a high Cation Exchange Capacity (C.I.C), retaining a large amount of nutrients provided as fertilizer.


Substrate free of pathogens and weed seeds, complies with Royal Decree 865/2010 of July 2 on cultivation substrates in the content of heavy metals and the rest of mandatory declarations.

Coconut Coir Benefits

  • It is a 100% organic, biodegradable and sustainable product that helps retain water and provides excellent aeration and drainage for plant roots.
  • It prevents root suffocation, is low in salinity, has a slightly acid PH and improves the physical characteristics of the soil.
  • Increases water retention capacity and increases cation exchange capacity
  • Recommended as a base for vermicomposteras with our Californian red worm (Eisenia Foetida)
  • Ideal for urban gardens, fruit trees, flowers, lawns, pots and seedbeds, mixing it with our vermicompost (earthworm humus) with a proportion of 30% to have an optimal substrate.

Uses and how to use coconut fiber

  • Substrate for seedlings.
  • Substrate for the growth of ornamental, forest or any other type of plants.
  • As the basis of a mixture of substrates for any type of plants.

How to use: once opened, moisten in a container, crumble the blocks and wait until they have increased in volume. It can be used alone or mixed with another substrate.

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