Benefits of organic farming

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Have you ever thought about switching to organic farming? At Vermiorganic we assure you that it is the most environmentally friendly way of farming.


Thanks to organic farming, we leave aside the use of chemical substances and the excessive exploitation of natural resources, which brings numerous benefits for both the production and the quality of these products.

What is organic farming?

You may not yet know what organic farming is all about, but it can be defined as:


“An organic crop focuses on the harvesting of natural products, which provide quality and without disturbing the environment, i.e. contrary to other types of farming, instead of using chemical products that harm the environment.”


At VermiOrganic, we advocate sustainable production, as it is an essential means of preserving the state of the environment.


Switching to organic farming can make us more aware of how important it is to take care of the environment and our own health.

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Advantages of organic farming

With organic farming we can take care of our health and make a great contribution to the environment.


The habitats of animals are greatly benefited, because thanks to organic farming, biodiversity is preserved and the decontamination of water, air and flora is promoted.


If you feel the need to contribute to the preservation of the environment, remember that in Vermiorganic we are specialists in this type of cultivation, we sell 100% natural products, oriented to large-scale production as urban gardens.


Ecological cultivation systems allow us to produce increases in production and in the quality of what we produce, trying to carry out the optimization of all natural resources.

Health benefits of organic farming

Just as the use of chemicals can damage the soil, water and air, the farmer working in this environment can see his health altered, so organic farming means less exposure of the farmer to such problems.

Organic products

The products we can obtain from organic farming are healthy and free of any toxic residues that may have been generated from the use of chemical products.


Those foods that we obtain from organic farming are characterised by being much more nutritious, with higher levels of essential vitamins and minerals that can help us to prevent illnesses.

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Quality levels

The quality and reliability we obtain from organically grown natural products is impeccable.


All the agents involved in organic farming and the agri-food chain are supervised by means of controls and inspections of the raw materials used in the production, packaging and labelling process.

Better taste

The products obtained from organic farming, due to the way they are processed, have a better taste, as the plants, when regenerated and fertilised organically, have a better growth and the aroma, colour and taste are better preserved.

Protection against disease

The fact that natural products do not contain additives can save us from health problems that can lead to serious consequences, such as migraines, allergies, osteoporosis, etc.


Natural products are rich in nutrients, and there are more and more studies confirming that the use of chemical products is no longer essential, so there is no longer any excuse and you are in time to make the change to organic farming.

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Certified organic

If all these benefits of organic farming have convinced you, you have to take into account some necessary requirements when carrying out this type of activity.


In order to guarantee consumers that the products that come from organic farming meet all the required standards, there are some control bodies and certificates that certify the status of our products.


Thanks to these certificates, we can prove that our product has been obtained in a totally organic way and with the respective cultivation controls.


  • Learn what organic farming is all about and apply it to your garden.
  • The benefits it provides both for people’s health and for the environment can be many, both in terms of production and quality.
  • Remember that organic certification is a fundamental requirement for marketing.

Do you want personalised advice?

At VermiOrganic we have contact with experienced groups of agronomists and legal advisors who can help you to convert your farm into a sustainable and environmentally friendly crop, at the same time we can make it more profitable and efficient.


If you would like personalised advice from our team click here.


Remember that on our website we have natural products with the minerals and vitamins our bodies need for good health. 

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