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VERMIORGANIC Mulching. Soil protection. protect it from frost, water evaporation in summer or to prevent the appearance of weeds.
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Translated as ‘padding’, Mulching basically consists of covering the soil between 5 and 10 cm to protect it from frost, the evaporation of water in summer or to avoid the appearance of weeds. Thus avoiding that the ground is exposed to contact with the air. With this we increase the retention of water in the soil, and we protect the crops from sudden changes in temperature.

De esta forma también evitamos la proliferación de malas hierbas y la competencia radicular.

The mulch we offer is of plant origin, having the advantage of enriching the soil as it decomposes, which means an injection of nutrients for the soil, while reducing maintenance work.
The soil microorganisms will decompose the mulch into two components, water and CO2, without leaving toxic residues and we will be avoiding the erosion of our soil.
We estimate that a layer between 5 and 10 cm can be enough to improve the fertility of our crops.
Its use will favor the beneficial fauna of the soil such as, for example, “lumbricus terrestris” that will appear naturally, since we will dispense with applying herbicides highly harmful to the health of all fauna that help our plants to develop healthy and vigorous.
With mulching we are creating the necessary conditions to control the health of our soils. And this is also taking care of our health.

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