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Activator Bokashi


VERMIORGANIC Bokashi. Organic Activator with Composting Enzymes. Fermented Organic Fertilizer Activator of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria. THE AUTHENTIC BOKASHI

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Bokashi is a semi-fermented organic compost. It is applied in smaller quantities than in other fertilizers since it is semi-raw, and it is finished processing once applied. It has the quality of regenerating degraded soils, because by serving as a substrate for soil microorganisms, they multiply, increasing biological activity, increasing soil structure and providing vital nutrients for plant growth.


    • Improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, helping to increase the fertility of crops. > Increases the natural defenses of plants, thanks to hormones, enzymes and vitamins produced by microorganisms.
    • It is a biostimulant of plants, activating their growth from phytohormones and natural phytoregulators.
    • As its use increases, it makes crops more profitable and its effect on soils is much more lasting than chemical fertilizers.
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Great product for Composters due to the quality of its materials, the great variety of macro / micronutrients and the millions of accelerating and activating microorganisms that it has.


Act as an effective compost accelerator. This is due to the large number of beneficial microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, yeasts and mycorrhizae among others. It is an aggregate of a large number of microorganisms that eliminates bad odors and, in turn, helps to improve the process of releasing and assimilating nutrients.


It has a great water retention capacity, providing the ground with greater humidity with less water.


The addition of this bokashi, once the process is finished, serves to accelerate and activate the rapid decomposition of organic matter from our kitchens, orchards and gardens. The resulting material can be used as a fantastic fertilizer whose main characteristics include:
  • Great composting accelerator widely used in compost / vermicomposters.
  • Improves the physical, chemical and biological conditions of soils.
  • It incorporates a large number of beneficial microorganisms for plants.
  • It significantly reduces the appearance of diseases that are harmful to crops.

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