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Worm Humus


VERMIORGANIC Ecological Worm Humus 3KG (5 L), Extra Category. Fertilizer for All Kinds of Plants, Crops and Urban Gardens. Organic Fertilizer 100% Restorative of Soil Life.

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The compost par excellence, it is dark brown in color, with a pleasant smell of forest mulch and freshly wet earth, non-toxic for vegetables and an excellent soil improver.


It is clean and soft to the touch and its great biostability prevents fermentation or putrefaction.


It contains a high enzymatic and bacterial load that increases the solubility of the nutrients, allowing them to be immediately assimilated by the roots of the plants. On the other hand, it prevents them from being washed by the irrigation water, keeping them in the soil for longer.

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It has a large number of nutritional elements, as well as exceptional biological characteristics. It incorporates both macro nutrients and trace elements essential for the proper development of the plant, and presents a microbiota with unique properties.


Given the pH of the humus 6.8-7.1 all the nutrients present in it are in their optimal range of solubilization towards the soil solution, from where the plant takes them. It can also be applied in large doses without any phytotoxic effect for the plant, what’s more, a plant could be perfectly cultivated using only worm humus as a substrate, far from showing any type of deficiency problem or disease, the plants develop with vigor extraordinary. In the same way, it is ideal for the germination of any type of seed in a short period of time.
Due to its blackish appearance, fine texture and intense forest smell that make handling this product a real joy, away from stinking fertilizers and highly irritating chemical products where … “in case of ingestion or contact with the eyes, go immediately to the doctor”. which is a totally ecological product.
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  • It is a non-polluting organic product, the use of which makes it possible to completely dispense with the use of agrochemicals. CERTIFICATE CAE
  • Its characteristics and properties do not resemble other products used.
  • It is a material that far exceeds the benefits granted by manure fertilization, in compost editing and others.
  • It is not only a fertilizer that improves the structure and texture of the soil, but also reduces the frequency of irrigation and other parameters of the same.
  • Its preparation is obtained by recycling irrationally generated organic material and usually considered as “waste”.
  • “The recommended dose, depending on the species of crop and plants, is applied in much lower doses compared to other similar products.
  • Essentially it allows the restoration and maintenance of soil fertility.
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  • Potted plants: 120 grams per month.
  • Garden perennials: 40 grams per month.
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  • Fruit trees: 3Kg per year, distributed between spring and autumn
  • Fruit transplants 1,5Kg from 0.5 to 2Kg according to plant size 60 grams
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  • Ornamental hedges and trees: 1.5Kg per year.
  • Grass: in sowing 500Kg per 1000m2, in the annual fertilizer 200Kg per 1000m2
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  • Seed beds: 80% substrate and 20% worm humus
  • Vegetables: 40g per seed when planting

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