KitoGreen ™ is a natural polysaccharide of non-animal origin (it comes from a fungus, Aspergillus niger). This innovative compound is the result of more than ten years of academic and industrial research, at KitoZyme and the University of Liège.
This ingredient is unique, patented and manufactured exclusively in Liege (Belgium).
KitoGreen ™, which is widely used for different applications (such as human nutrition, medical use or for beverages), has now been authorized as a basic substance in the European Union for other applications like organic farming, lawn care for sports or gardening.
With an exclusive low molecular weight, KitoGreen ™ is absorbed by both leaves and roots. It promotes the resistance of the plant and seeds against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. At the same time, it supports the growth of the plant through its stimulating effect, and promotes a healthy life of the soil, as well as a greater vitality for the plant. This biotechnology of non-animal origin is a new environmentally friendly tool to reduce pest control with chemicals. KitoGreen ™ allows you to increase yield, germination rate and growth of the treated plants. This product has been shown to have positive effects on symbiotic mycorrhiza.


In addition, KitoGreen ™ has proven effects that help plants against abiotic stressors and climatic factors. Increases drought resistance and reduces water consumption, improves cold resistance and reduces the effect of salinity. For agricultural or ornamental uses, its effect of prophylaxis against pests and of increased plant growth, will bring greater yield, as well as radiant and vigorous plants.
KitoGreen ™ can be used in organic farming according to Annex II of Commission Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008 concerning "basic substances" in organic farming. Only basic substances as defined in Article 23 (1) of Regulation (EC) No. 1107/20092 of the European Parliament and the Council that are covered by the definition of “food” in Article 2 of Regulation (EC ) No. 178/20023 of the European Parliament and the Council and having plant or animal origin. Substances should not be used as herbicides, but only for the control of pests and diseases. (See Appendices I and II of SANCO / 12388/2013 for specific conditions).
Below, it is shown a papaya plantation in El Ejido (Almería), treated with Kitogreen.
Below you can see a papaya plantation in El Ejido (Almería), treated with Kitogreen.
Under this line we can check the growth of pitaya (Pitahaya) in a crop of Seville.

Stimulant of the self-defense mechanisms of the crop. Its low molecular weight (due to its unique fungal origin) allows excellent foliar absorption.