Nettle slurry

Nettle slurry is used as a fungicide, to control fungi and to correct iron chlorosis, due to its high greening power.
Its use produces a decrease in pests, greater development of roots in plants, better growth, greater fixation of nitrogen in the soil, and greater availability of carbon in the soil (darker color of the earth).
With regular application, soil structure and water retention capacity is improved. It facilitates the spread and survival of microorganisms necessary for healthy soils.
  • Application by foliar spraying: Dilute 15 to 30 ml per liter of water, every 10-15 days, or according to the need of the crop.
  • Spray with a very fine drop in the late afternoon, avoiding intense heat and sun.
  • Application by fertirrigation: Dilute 50 ml per liter of irrigation water.
  • Frequency of application: It is preferable to carry out a preventive treatment every 10 or 15 days, although the frequency can be increased or reduced depending on the health needs of the crop.


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