Below we show you the products we offer, made directly in our facilities using the most optimized techniques to obtain high quality.
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Humic acids

Humic acids are a product that is currently being successfully applied directly to both plants and soils. Basically, they act as a nutrient assimilation enhancer, as well as stimulant and corrector of soil deficiencies.

Rock powder

Currently, farmers and gardeners try to add nutrients to the land through fertilizers, compost or other forms. However, these materials rarely contain all micronutrients eroded or absorbed by plants.


Bio-coal or biochar is the product of thermal decomposition of organic materials with little or limited oxygen supply, at relatively low temperatures, and that is intended for agricultural use, which makes it different from coal used as fuel and activated carbon .

High quality compost

Compost is a stabilized biological product, in which the aerobic process of degradation and reorganization of organic matter has been enhanced, so that as many nutrients as possible are retained. It is free of secondary metabolites typical of putrefaction (putrescine, cadaverine, etc.)


Fermented organic fertilizer. It is produced by an aerobic transformation of organic matter by the microorganisms present in it. This process usually takes several days, depending on when we want to stop the process under controlled conditions.


On agricultural land it offers an effective low-cost method for the conservation of soils and waters in sloping areas. An example is the improvement obtained in crop production in Africa, Asia and Latin America.


KitoGreen ™ is a natural polysaccharide of non-animal origin (it comes from a fungus, Aspergillus niger). This innovative compound is the result of more than ten years of academic and industrial research, at KitoZyme and the University of Liège.

Liquid humus

It is an organic, non-polluting product that allows you to totally get rid of agrochemicals. Its obtaining is achieved by dilution, in aqueous medium, of the Vermicompost obtained recycling organic matter with the red worm Eisenia Foetida.

Earthworm humus

Earthworm humus, coming from some type of organic waste, is a high quality natural fertilizer. It is recognized by the best edaphologists as an unbeatable product for the recovery of unproductive soils.



Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is a perennial herbaceous plant whose name 'arvensis' in Latin means "prairie, field or grassland". It is a fungicide that has a high silica content in addition to potassium and calcium.


With mulching of vegetable origin, in this case crushed wood, we get our soil to conserve moisture much longer and save time in the control of herbs, while protecting our crops against violent temperature changes.


The auxins extracted from the "Salix Babylonica" activate the plant, which creates secondary roots that help it develop robustly and vigorously. It is ideal when transplanting with root ball.


Substrate mixture

Composted plant debris improves soil quality for all types of plants (indoor and outdoor) and vegetables. The soil acquires stability, and better water, thermal and air regulation.

Red earthworm

In Vermiorganic we can supply you with red worm breeding stock so that you can obtain your own humus by taking advantage of your organic waste. We will also advise you in everything related to its correct maintenance.


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