Rock powder

Thousands of years ago the Earth had a rock mantle. During glaciations, glaciers moved and crushed the rocks slowly and inexorably. The soil sustained the life of the plants, since it had the necessary minerals for its growth.
For thousands of years, essential micronutrients were continuously incorporated by plants, often to the point of depletion.
Currently, farmers and gardeners try to add nutrients to the land through fertilizers, compost or other forms. However, these materials rarely contain all micronutrients eroded or absorbed by plants.
The use of rock powder is not new. Agricultural research with rock powder and chemically unprocessed minerals, based on the concept of "Bread from stones" began in the 19th century by Missoux (1853-1854) and Hensel (1890, 1894), among others.

Benefits of remineralization with rock powder:

  • Provides a natural and slow release of minerals and trace elements.
  • Increases plant nutrient intake.
  • Increases yields and raise the brix grade.
  • Rebalances soil pH.
  • Increases the activity of worms and growth of microorganisms.
  • Prevents soil erosion.
  • Increases soil storage capacity.
  • Increases resistance to insects, diseases, frost and drought.
  • Produces more nutritious crops.
  • Improves the taste of harvested food.
  • Reduces dependence on fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Generates more soil.


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