With mulching or vegetable padding (in this case with crushed wood), we get our soil to conserve moisture much longer and save time in the control of herbs, while protecting our crops against violent temperature changes. Being a matter of organic origin, it will be decomposing on the ground by the action of microorganisms, which will continuously enrich the soil with the minerals present in plant residues.
It is estimated that a layer between 5 and 10 cm should be enough to improve the fertility of our crops.
Its use will favor the beneficial fauna of the soil, such as “lumbricus terrestris”, which will appear naturally, since we do not apply herbicides harmful to the health of the fauna that help our plants to develop healthy and vigorous.
With mulching we are creating the necessary conditions to control the health of our soils. And this is also taking care of our own health.


Sack 50 liters 6,00 €
Big bag 1000 liters 42,00 €