What to sow in september

calendario siembre septiembre

This calendar corresponds to all those countries that are located in the northern hemisphere. For this hemisphere September is a month of change of season, summer is about to end and it gives way to autumn. This means shorter days, fewer hours of light, temperatures begin to drop …


This month is a good time to plant some vegetables that will germinate soon as the soil is warm after all summer and will be able to strengthen in time before winter arrives.

Sowing Calendar - September

In the month of September the vegetables that you can sow are: chard, lamb’s lettuce, early onion. parsnip, spring cabbage, late cauliflower, endive, spinach, pea, lima beans, haricot, lettuce, parsley. table turnip, leek, radish, beet and carrot.


Leek and late cauliflower are the vegetables that require the longest harvest time, 7 and 6 months respectively, and the ones that can be harvested the fastest are beans and radishes (2 and 1.5 months).


Here we leave you all the vegetables that you can sow this month:


calendario de siembra para septiembre

Tips for sowing in September

Being a month between two seasons, the weather can be very changeable and play tricks on our crops. So here are some tips for sowing in September:


In the first place, we must be very aware of irrigation and keep the crops in the shade if necessary, in September the weather begins to cool but the sun is still very intense and can dehydrate or burn our crops, do not trust yourself.


A very useful tip that more experienced farmers will already know is to first plant those vegetables whose germination time is longer, such as carrots that need 4 months to be harvested.


As we have already said, temperatures begin to drop in September, especially at night, so it is convenient that on cold nights you cover those newly germinated crops with a mesh or plastic.


And finally, in September the rains return and with them the weeds, do not be careless! or weeds will colonize your entire garden.

consejos para sembrar en septiembre

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