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Substrate Top Quality


VERMIORGANIC Substrate TopQuality (Extra Category). 100% Organic Product for Ecological Agriculture. Suitable for Any Type of Plant.

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This substrate provides all the necessary nutrients for a correct development of the plants from their initial care to the flowering phase. Its mixture rich in high quality organic elements improves the characteristics of the soil, obtaining healthier and stronger specimens than with other substrates.


With the right amount of nutrients, it provides the roots with food, moisture and optimal oxygenation for their correct development and that these favor a more vigorous growth of the stem and branches, which promotes a greater passage of the sap. and fattening of the fruits.


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Vermiorganic Top Quality Substrate is formulated with superior raw material qualities: blond peat, black peat, coconut fiber, biochar, rock dust, worm castings and perlite.


It is a mixture of organic and inorganic materials of natural origin that guarantees the perfect development of plants. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants. Its extraordinary composition enables it at first with the necessary nutrients for the first start-up and establishment in the pots or in the soil of the plants to be cultivated. It includes materials rich in microorganisms, as well as mineral or inert materials.
  • It is a non-polluting organic product, the use of which makes it possible to completely dispense with the use of agrochemicals. CERTIFICATE CAE
  • Its characteristics and properties do not resemble other products used.
  • It is a material that far exceeds the benefits granted by manure fertilization, in compost editing and others.
  • It is not only a fertilizer that improves the structure and texture of the soil, but also reduces the frequency of irrigation and other parameters of the same.
  • The soil acquires stability and a better water, thermal and air regulation. Its high humus content stimulates the biological activity of the soil and supplies the plants with essential nutrients.


  1. Choose a pot that is larger than the previous one (not too big).
  2. Place gravel or some other draining material of about 2 or 3 cm at the bottom of the pot.
  3. Release the plant with its root ball and add substrate.
  4. Squeeze lightly and water liberally.

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