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Horsetail, the perfect fungicide

Plants often suffer from fungal diseases that weaken or even kill them. These diseases usually appear especially in spring or summer when temperatures begin to rise and there is still humidity in the environment. Humidity and heat are the perfect conditions for fungi to proliferate.

Horsetail to prevent fungus

Horsetail (equisetum arvense) is a perennial herbaceous plant whose name ‘arvensis’ in Latin means “of the prairie, field or grassland”. It is one of the most effective ecological treatments against pests and diseases caused by fungi, it helps us fight them and end them, in fact horsetail has proven to serve as an insecticide against aphids and spider mites.


This fungicide contains saponins, flavonoids and organic acids, highly toxic substances for fungi. In addition, it has a high content of silica in addition to potassium and calcium. It favors the structure of the plant by acting directly on the roots, making it more resistant. It has been used traditionally in a multitude of medicinal remedies.

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It should be noted its richness in organic acids such as nicotine, palustrin, etc. and equisetonin as a fungal toxin. Components that make horsetail one of the most effective fungicides.


Silicon reduces the effects of excess water around plants that leads to the appearance of fungi. The high percentage of silica in the plant reduces the impact of humidity. The appearance of fungi is more frequent with high humidity and long periods of rain. In these cases, horsetail is used as a preventive measure against fungal-related diseases and to reduce the need for sulfur applications.


This home remedy is not only applied when we already have a fungal problem, but we can also use it as a protection method to prevent our plants and crops from becoming infected. To achieve this protection we must apply it every 8 days.

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Benefits of organic horsetail

Vermiorganic organic horsetail has a large number of nutritional elements, as well as exceptional biological characteristics. It incorporates both macronutrients and trace elements essential for the proper development of the plant, and presents a microbiota with unique properties.

  • Increases the natural defenses of plants.
  • Strengthens the plant tissue.
  • It favors the development and growth of plants.
  • All-natural fungicide.
  • Rich in Silica.
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