Liquid worm humus, a great biostimulant for your crops

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It is an organic, non-polluting product that allows you to completely dispense with the use of agrochemicals. Its characteristics and properties have no simile with other related products in use. It is obtained by diluting the vermicompost obtained by recycling organic matter with the red worm Eisenia Foetida in an aqueous medium. This product is an organic nutrient, soil improver, composting accelerator, biostimulant and soil deficiency corrector.

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How does liquid worm castings work?

Due to its high enzymatic and bacterial load, the nutrients are assimilated by the plants via the roots and / or foliage quickly and efficiently. Protects plants from diseases and pests and makes them more resistant to extreme temperatures. Increases the quality of fruits and crops, improves the physical, chemical and biological structure of soils. Increases the water retention capacity.


Since liquid humus is alive and full of microorganisms that have a shelf life; the more often you use it, the greater the benefit. The most common way to use liquid humus is to use a handheld sprayer and spray the plants with it. You can even spray the lawn.


Think of this hummus as a natural immune system booster for plants.

humus liquido lombriz

In this image we can see the wonderful development of a super-intensive olive grove, using earthworm humus. This crop is only a year and a half old.

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