Why is vermiculture so important?

Advantages and benefits of vermiculture The development of Vermiculture is the best way to return to the earth in the…

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Advantages of organic fertilizers

The possibilities of compost or composting Composting is a natural process and is responsible for the decomposition and transformation of…

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Species of worms most used in Vermiculture

Most used species and their benefits Annelid worms currently number about 20,000 species, many of which are susceptible to cultivation.…


Earthworms for vermiculture

Characteristics of the earthworm Characteristics of the Earthworm Of all annelids, for our purposes, we are interested in oligochaetes. The…

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Worm Culture: Annelid Worms

Are earthworms worms? Earthworms have not defined an exception to the concept of controlled cultivation. The breeding of worms in…

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Vermiculture in trophic ecosystems

What is trophic ecology? Trophic Ecology is responsible for studying energy and food flows in ecosystems. Materials in the form…


The Californian Red Worm

Descubre todo lo que debes saber sobre la lombriz californiana.

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What is vermiculture?

Descubre qué es la lombricultura, y el poder de obtener fertilizantes ecológicos