Benefits of composting accelerators or rapid composting

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What is Rapid composting?

It is a Composting Accelerator that speeds up the decomposition and transformation of organic matter. It incorporates a great Microbial richness into the compost and eliminates unpleasant odors from garbage remains.

  • Stimulates and increases the activity of microorganisms, such as fungi and bacteria.
  • It is a set of microorganisms, bacteria and fungi that act in symbiosis, improving the quality of our homemade compost.
  • It can be used in any composter to aid the composting process.
    It favors and accelerates the composting of kitchen and garden waste.

Speeds up the composting process While normal compost piles take more than 10 weeks to produce usable compost. Rapid Composting Vermiorganic allows to accelerate the decomposition process of plant residues and other degradable materials since it favors the increase of microorganisms responsible for this process.

Benefits of using Vermiorganic rapid composting

100% Organic

It contains only natural ingredients, so it is 100% organic. Therefore, the production of a healthy and organic compost that contributes to the growth of the plants is ensured.

Control compost against pathogens

Our product controls pathogens due to the increase in beneficial microorganisms.

Improves the quality of compost

The microorganisms improve the quality of the compost, increasing the amount of nutrients and minerals in it.

Rapid Composting
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