High quality compost
Vermiorganic high quality compost is a stabilized biological product, in which the aerobic process of degradation and reorganization of organic matter has been enhanced, so that as many nutrients as possible are retained. In it, humus has been formed avoiding any type of loss, through a rigorous control of daily monitoring of the entire process.

The use of high quality compost, together with the use of agronomic techniques aimed at improving the vitality and structure of the soil, such as the proper use of green manures, make possible:

a) An increase in the vigor and strength of the crops, due to the interaction with a more resistant soil system whose microbiota favors them.

b) Obtaining better total returns.

c) The establishment of agronomic management that avoids the use of any chemical synthesis product, that is, it greatly facilitates obtaining better quality products, and reduces the dangers of conventional agricultural production for the health of producers, consumers and environment.

d) An easier transition to certified organic farming.


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