Bokashi is a Japanese word that means fermented organic fertilizer. It is produced by an aerobic transformation of organic matter by the microorganisms present in it. This process usually takes between 7 and 20 days, depending on when we want to stop the process under controlled conditions
Through the process of thermal elevation of the materials and daily aeration of the same, we eliminate bad odors as well as microorganisms pathogenic for crops.
  • Improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil, helping increase crop fertility.
  • Increase the natural defenses of plants, thanks to hormones, enzymes and vitamins produced by microorganisms.
  • It is a plant biostimulant, activating their growth due to its natural phytohormones and phyto-regulators.
  • Its effect on soils is much more durable than chemical fertilizers.
  • As its use increases, it makes the crops more profitable.


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