Humic acids

Humic acids are a product that is currently being successfully applied directly to both plants and soils. Basically, they act as a nutrient assimilation enhancer, as well as stimulant and corrector of soil deficiencies.
Vermiorganic has took a stance on an effective and economical contribution of Organic Matter to the soil when manufacturing liquid Humic Acids from organic materials richer in humic acids, micronutrients and phytostimulant substances: Leonardite and Earthworm Humus.
The effect of the product via foliar is remarkable, since humic acids increase the permeability of the cell membrane, which increases the penetration of nutrients from the leaf solution into the leaf cells. Likewise, the nutrients of our product are incorporated into the nutritive solution of the foliar treatment. Some of these nutrients are potassium, iron and boron, crucial for optimal fruit development.


Visible results when harvesting:
  • General acceleration of the development of the plant in a balanced way, with low internodal distance due to the low percentage in nitrogen of the product.
  • Reduction or elimination of nutritional deficiencies, such as ferric chlorosis caused by blocked or deficient iron.
  • Formation of fruits in a uniform way, in large quantity and size, and with high graduation in sugars (fatty yield in the case of the olive tree), thanks to the contribution and release of potassium.
  • Greater protection against pathogens, since both foliar and root pathways stimulate symbiont microbes (humic acids are their food).
Total Humic Extract > 20
Humic Acids > 15
Fulvic acids > 5
Potassium 20
Iron 1
Calcium 4
Magnesium 0,3
Sulphur 7
Boron 0,02


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